“Incantations for Muggles…”

Incantations for Muggles

As far as the “darker side of sharing” goes, I think its worst effects on society occur during the “identity formation” stage that Boyd discusses. This section, though an anthropological theory, is important. Granted Boyd talks about this unscientifically, only to mean there are no statistics or empirical research to back the theory. However, none the less, I believe that this stage is critical in relation to the negative effects of online sharing. It used to be the case that people, youth, actually listened when sites said that there was an age limit to join. Nowadays too many requirements have been dropped making for a larger youth population that ignorantly engages in these sites. By ignorantly I mean, these kids, who still do not have a full skill set, proper morals and or ethics, are entering into agreements for which they are too uneducated to even understand. By doing so they are given the power to take their unsupervised small minded thoughts onto the internet and spread them to the masses. As many know, this stage in life that Boyd refers to as “identity formation” is very unstable. These youth still do not know who there are so they are trying out all of these new things, trying to find themselves. This makes them very vulnerable to what the online community as a whole offers. Sadly, much of the vulnerability they face is attacked by each other, their own demographic. Ignorance is no excuse for any of the sharing of vulgar, sexual, uneducated or cruel videos and/or pictures they post either about themselves or each other.


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