‘Can You Hear Me Now’

Can You Hear Me Now

The last thing Sherry talks about is split attention. This is what most concerns me. I say this because too often today we find that people are not fully committed to what is at hand, whether that be tasks or relationships. She says, “Students do e-mail during classes; faculty members do e-mail during meetings; parents do e-mail while talking with their children; people do e-mail as they walk down the street, drive cars or have dinner with their families.” She uses this to describe how today we tend to prefer an audience of whomever is online than those in front of is as if the online persons attention is more important. Maybe their attention is more important. Staying connected is a good thing. The big problem, in my opinion, with this preference of holding these side conversations is that we are not living moment by moment, in the now. We talk to our friends online all day while we should be focusing at work or in class, but then when we get together with them, everyone is distracted by the things they need to get done for work or class. This type of behavior can cause too many dysfunctions in these relationships and no one seems to care until the problem is theirs. Another alarming thing she mention is the conversation she has in the line to the museum about the turtles. Her daughter says they should have just used robot turtles instead of having real ones sit and do nothing. The same is mentioned of the animals Disney has in their Animal Kingdom park. People said the live animals were not realistic enough because they didn’t do anything. Technology is beginning, in my opinion, to cause too many false impressions of reality.


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