What is your 2nd amendment?

Gun control policy reform is currently sweeping the nation with many states now cracking down. Policy makers are making the case that of the many recent gun tragedies, the guns are to blame. Why? Because they are too readily available? Because the guns are not safe? Because the guns are dangerous? I would not say this is the case. I would say that too many advocates against guns are ignorant. Take this video clip from a Denver forum with the CO Rep. Diana Degette (D) for example. How is it that we elect people into these positions to make decisions on our behalf that they don’t even bother to educate themselves on? A fifteen year old girl from Maryland does a better job than Rep. DeGette on educating the public. What still manages to amaze me is how many people focus on the gun itself rather than the person using the gun. Saying guns are the problem is like saying pencils cause grammatical errors or vehicles are responsible for all accidents. Some states have already passed new laws on behalf of guns. Although new policy has been put into place in many states, the NRA is not giving up just yet.


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