‘Who Owns The Wisdom of the Crowd’


Jarvis begins with the individual perspective of how we want to control all that goes in and out of our network and control all aspects of what we deem ours. After he moves to the perspective of the collective, “The thing that’s new about this new world is that we don’t just consume. In fact, the act of consumption is now an act of creation.” To me, this completely contradicts the first perspective. If our consumption is also our creation then we are all taking from each other. He says that we have this made possible by the enablers and poses the question(s), “What do the enablers deserve for enabling? And what do we as individuals and as members of the collective deserve for creating the wisdom? What do we owe each other in this exchange of value?” To which I do not have a complete answer for because no one would ever be satisfied if we had to start compensating for contributions. And all kinds of law suits and pointless arguments about intellectual property and privacy would arise. As if this isn’t a problem already.


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