‘The People Formerly Known as the Audience’


To add another quote to the posts above, “A highly centralized media system had connected people “up” to big social agencies and centers of power but not “across” to each other. Now the horizontal flow, citizen-to-citizen, is as real and consequential as the vertical one.” This compares what the hierarchy in the media used to be and what type of division of power it is today. Like rmiller215 said, “without the audience, there is no media.” In my opinion, citizen journalism has taken away from traditional new media, that much is obvious, but it has also evolved traditional news media. Now practically every news magazine/journal/paper/station/radio has some type of online social media page and they use those things to give more news faster and find news faster. The main thing that we need to be aware of is whether or not the information we read in any news journal is accurate. With so much information coming and going so quickly it is easy to make mistakes.


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