‘The Heart of the Well’


I agree with how CMC is a way to meet people, whether you feel the need to affiliate with them on a community level. Like Lindsay said, a way to make contact with a person while maintaining a distance. The story he gives in the beginning, about his daughter having a tick and going to the WELL for answers, reminds me of the same type of interpersonal interaction that could be received with having family and neighbors. He said, “real people–most of them parents, some of them nurses, doctors, and midwives–are available, around the clock, if you need them.” This is not to say he did not have a good resource, it is just to suggest that when you have close interpersonal relationship in real life with your family friends and neighbors you can receive the same type of attention. There is just something about the internet and social media having instant gratification that takes away from the virtue of patience. One thing social media is excellent at, it finding those of common values and beliefs. Rheingold says, “In a virtual community we can go directly to the place where our favorite subjects are being discussed, then get acquainted with people who share our passions or who use words in a way we find attractive.” This is a big plus for those who are not as socially inclined to meet with others. It is also great as a concentrated source for information like the Leukemia discussions Rheingold mentioned. Like any movement or concept in the world, there will always be positive and negatives and I believe that in time we will probably see more restriction on CMC as it becomes more clearly defined and studied by professionals to try and limit those negatives and enhance the positives so that situations like that of Blair Newman do not become a norm.


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