‘Physical Place and Cyber Space’


” The third question the author asks says, “Are good online relationships as good as good face-to-face relationships where people can see, hear, smell and touch someone, usually in a social context?” He answers probably not, which I agree with, but later in his response he says “online relationships may be increasing the frequency and intensity of community ties.” I found this very interesting and it comes from an angle that I have not really thought of before. But online, it is much easier for some people to find the right community to be apart of, which helps me see why it can increase the frequency and intensity.”

I completely agree Matt and the author, that ‘good’ online relationships are not as good as those face-to-face relationships. I also agree that online relationships can strengthen those which are face-to-face. Having both allows you to devote more time to the relationship and build it up. As far as online relationships being used to fill a void in ones life, I can see how some people may feel the need for this, but I do not think it is the best, or healthiest option. In my opinion online relationships should only be used as an extension to those relationships which exists in our real lives.


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