Do we need protection?

*North Korea launches their first missile, which was less than impressive, but made aware that their intentions are negative toward the U.S. (and pretty much everyone in the world) and now they release this video.

*While here in America, the President and many groups are addressing gun violence within the U.S. and more and more Americans speak out with their opinions on their second amendment rights.

Should we be trying to limit our rights this late in the game? The second amendment has been in place since December of 1791 and over two hundred years later, here we are, trying to protect our constitutional rights. I am not saying that the President is out to get people with guns. He is preaching reform. In my opinion, if any change were going to happen, it would just be the process to purchase arms. Background checks should be more thorough and qualifications more strict. I think it would be a poor decision to take away arms in this country. The United States of America has been a very bold country throughout history, always fighting for others and pushing democracy. It is no surprise that we have made many a country angry with us. These recent comments or threats from North Korea are nothing new to the United States. People speak poorly of this country even if they live in it, which I do not agree with at all, but the point is, how much longer can we go on like this before someone tries to put us in our place? I love my country and will serve her in all for which she stands to the death. This country was born for freedom and I will fight to keep it that way, but the people in this country could use a reality check. Too many times have I heard people make ungrateful comments. People don’t realize what is right at their doorstep anymore. The United States of America, the land of opportunity and the American Dream, is transforming into something else. Sometimes we need to fight to keep up with the past, never forget how we got here, that would be the biggest mistake this country could make now. While technology advances far beyond the imagination, we as a people need to stay grounded. Having technology does not make one invincible. Never forget where we came from. To give up or limit a seemingly simple right and ignore seemingly harmless threats could be the last thing we want to do.

Keep in mind, this is an opinion. There is no scientific research, just a penny for your thoughts. You do the research, it will be good for you.


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