should America see some reform?

should America see some reform?

“Piedmont bows to California over Trinchero copyright tussle”

Why is it that people have such a difficult time sharing? In America, and as an American I will attest to this, people tend to feel a sense of entitlement. Seeing as I have been studying abroad here in Italy I thought it would be appropriate to find a topic that links my home to my home away from home or genetic homeland I should said. In my first week staying in Italy, I was taken on a trip to a wine tasting at, castello de Verrazzano, in the rolling hills of Tuscany. It was here that I learned the importance and pride to which Italians have for their wine. Now, full disclosure, I have never been one to love wine, but I’ve always been one to support a cause. I cannot indefinitely say that either wine is better, or speaker on either parties behalf, but I can say that in my opinion, Italians exhibit a MUCH closer bond with their wine than anyone I have ever seen. And to see Sutter Homes try and take that away from them breaks my heart. Here in Italy, wine is known by its region and name, and that means something. D.O.C.G. is something to be proud of and in all honesty, who cares if the two wines carried the same name. Thousands of miles apart and Sutter Homes really can’t let this family enjoy and take pride in their creation, so sad. What do you think?